History of RR and HH

1. 19850528 book 402 page 521 HH Declations.PDF - This sets up the original development of the land. It shows HH was to include 6 condominium buildings to be placed on the land.

2. 19880701 book 595 page 429 First Admendment to Declaration HH.PDF - First admendment to declaration clarifies developer and owners rights

3. 19890309 book 617 Declaration Withdrawal HH.PDF - This declaration separates the 2 properties HH and RRHA. Hatteras high association agreed to the separation with the lifetime rights to RRHA common property and other concessions. (section II-c and III.)

4. 19890309 book 617 page 111 Deed Transferring RRHA land to Kelart (All).PDF - This transfers the land removed from HH Association to Kelart.

5. 19890309 book 653 page 191 title insurance for kelly.PDF - Title insurance taken out by Kelart to cover any lawsuits brought about by this transfer.

6. 19890421 book 14 page 483 RRHA Articles of Incorporation.PDF - Articles of Incorporation for RRHA

7. 19891102 book 653 page 147 RRHA Delaration and bylaws.pdf - RRHA Declaration and by laws



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